The Cast

Dungeons ‘n Dagons is brought to you by the following fine folks in Melbourne, Australia:

  • Dayle Grixti (aka Dark Gaia) The founder of this fine production and forever DM. Runs D&D: Fellowship of Steel and Call of Cthulhu to amaze and terrify in equal measure. Also develops games in his spare time.
  • Michael Oakes (aka M1) – Lifelong friend of the DM and qualified engineer, M1 brings the mind of a tinkerer into the adventure, even if his ideas almost never work.
  • Michael Baptist (aka M2) – Purveyor of bread and bread puns, M2 finds himself making characters more often than he actually gets to play them.
  • Thomas Oakes (aka Tommasaurus) – Resident musician, knower of miscellaneous facts and (in-game) pyromaniac.
  • Jacob Smith (aka Smithie) – Our Tasmanian friend. Performer at heart and differentiator between poison and venom.